Creekside Village Community Center

Creekside Village.

Built in 2003, the village's community center features many "green" design elements that significantly reduce or eliminate negative impacts on the environment and residents. 

Among them are:

  • Environmentally friendly building materials, including some with recycled content
  • Non-CFC refrigerants in the air-conditioning system
  • Low-VOC coatings for walls and floors
  • Partially bermed walls for passive insulation
  • Solar-powered deck lighting
  • Special lighting controls that turn off lights in unoccupied rooms and also reduce artificial lighting levels in proportion to the available natural light to further reduce energy needs.
  • A decorative indoor pond that helps to humidify the building's interior while reducing comfort-heating requirements
  • Heat recovery from ventilation system
  • High-efficiency HVAC equipment and DDC controls reduce energy use