Materials Characterization Labs


Materials characterization and expert analytical services.

Materials Characterization labs offer equipment for liquid, powder, surface and bulk materials characterization, as well as expert analytical services for product quality assurance, failure analysis, and forensic evaluations. These resources - located on UB's North Campus and South Campus - are available to UB faculty and students, outside researchers, industry, and government. Analytical services are also available to the general public.

Two locations: UB North Campus and UB South Campus

Furnas Hall Materials Characterization Laboratory (UB North Campus)

Offering analytical instrumentation for liquid, powder, surface and bulk materials analysis and characterization. 

South Campus Instrument Center (UB South Campus)

A full-service facility that provides rapid results for industry, government and researchers. The SCIC specializes in surface imaging and spectroscopy, with expertise in product quality assurance testing, failure analysis, and forensic evaluations. 

These facilities house the specialized tools and equipment you need for: