Raman Spectrometer System (portable) – InPhotonics InPhotote

The InPhotonics InPhototeTM Portable Raman Spectrometer is useful for rapid identification of chemicals or organic compounds, whether in the field or in the laboratory.  It is a high-quality Raman spectroscopy system in a rugged, portable package, equipped with a database of forensic materials. Most samples can be measured through packaging materials (i.e. glass and plastic). It is capable of identifying chemicals regardless of form (e.g. solids, liquids, slurries). Wet samples or water-based solutions do not pose additional identification difficulties.


  • Measurements can be made without extensive sample preparation
  • Standard hand-held probe enables measurement of solids and liquids through packaging materials, avoiding direct contact with potentially harmful substances
  • Analysis is completely nondestructive
  • Excitation Source: Stabilized 785 nm diode laser with 0.1 nm line width, 300 mW output. 
  • Detector: Vacuum-sealed, TE-cooled CCD array, 1024 x 128 pixels, operating at 45° below ambient (-25°C at 20°C ambient temperature)


South Campus Instrument Center
450 Biomedical Research Building (BRB)
University at Buffalo South Campus
Buffalo, NY 14214


  • Internal Academic: $25 per hour
  • Industry: $100 per hour
For additional information or to schedule lab time, contact:

Peter Bush

Director, South Campus Instrument Center

450 Biomedical Research Building (BRB), South Campus

(716) 829-3561