Maps and directions

Cleanroom Facility

Electrical Engineering Cleanroom - 114 Davis Hall

Located at UB’s North Campus (Amherst, NY), the electrical engineering cleanroom is a brand new (2012) facility that is among the most advanced of its kind in Western New York. It features class 1000 space with class 100 working areas.

Digital Manufacturing Laboratory

Digital Manufacturing Laboratory - 118 Bonner Hall

Located in 118 Bonner Hall on UB’s North Campus (Amherst, NY), the Bonner Hall Digital Manufacturing Laboratory provides access to a variety of 3D printing / additive manufacturing services and technologies for rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing of highly detailed and durable 3D objects and parts. 

Materials Characterization Facilities

Materials Characterization Laboratory - 109/110 Furnas Hall

Located in 109/110 Furnas Hall on UB’s North Campus (Amherst, NY), the Furnas Hall Materials Characterization Laboratory lets you conduct cost-effective analysis and characterization of a wide range of materials.

South Campus Instrument Center - Biomedical Research Building, room 450

Located in room 450 at the Biomedical Research Building (BRB) on UB’s South Campus, the South Campus Instrument Center (SCIC) is a full-service facility that specializes in surface imaging and spectroscopy for a wide range of materials and products, including expertise in product quality assurance testing, failure analysis, and forensic evaluations.

Motion Simulation Laboratory

Motion Simulation Laboratory - 106 Furnas Hall

Located in room 106 Furnas Hall on UB’s North Campus, the Furnas Hall Motion Simulation Laboratory houses a motion-based driving simulator. The simulator is a high-fidelity instrument for training, education, and transportation and behavioral research. The 6-DOF motion platform, 360º degree visual display system and interactive driver controls create an authentic driving experience.