Motion Simulation Lab

Furnas Hall Motion Simulator.

The simRING is a full 6 degree-of-freedom motion-based driving simulator that features the front end of a car mounted on a moving platform that emulates the real-life motions of a car as it reacts to turns, changes in elevation, and other road conditions.


The simRING features a 360-degree, 16-foot diameter, 6’ high screen that fully surrounds the simulator vehicle, which provides the driver with a full-fidelity depiction of surrounding traffic, landmarks, and roadway conditions.  The system likewise features high-fidelity on-board controls to navigate the simulator, as well as a stereo sound system that emulates noises heard inside and outside the vehicle during a driving excursion.

The Motion Simulation Laboratory offers cost-effective access to:

  • simRING motion based driving simulator
  • Transportation research expertise
  • Infrastructure for ground vehicle applications and research in training, education, transportation safety, human factors, clinical applications, and others


The Motion Simulation Laboratory is available for shared use by:

  • UB students
  • UB faculty
  • Researchers at other academic institutions
  • Government
  • Industry

Technical Capabilities

  • Automotive and flight research


  • On-site technical support, training & assistance
  • Project consultation
  • Workforce training/education
  • Driver training
Hours of Operation

By appointment only

For inquiries, contact:

Kevin F. Hulme, PhD
Senior Research Associate, Shared Instrumentation Laboratories