Our rate schedule provides a number of options for your project needs, from equipment usage to full-service project consultation and support.

The rates provided below apply only to the cleanroom and materials characterization facilities. You can find rates for the Digital Manfacturing Laboratory here.

Fees & Services

Internal Academic Users

External Academic Users

Industry Users

Initial Orientation / Training

(per person, one-time fee for laboratory users)




User Rates - per hour, for specific tools & equipment




         Cleanrooms (excluding SEMs)




         Materials Characterization (excluding SEMs)

               Category A Equipment

               Category B Equipment

               Category C Equipment

               Category D Equipment
















         Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs)

See table below


See table below

Technical / Project Support

(per hour, after 3 hours per project, as required)

$30 $75


Project Consultation & Processing

 (per hour, full-service consultation & processing; fees are in addition to hourly tool usage rate, as required)




Note: Rates and equipment categories are subject to periodic change. Laboratory and equipment fees help offset shared facilities' operating expenses (consumables; equipment maintenance, parts and replacement; equipment service contracts, etc.). Salaries of technical and administrative personnel are supported separately.

If required, our staff is available to offer up to three hours of initial technical support to your project, at no cost. Open the collapsible content below for more information including user rate information and equipment lists for cleanroom and materials characterization facilities, as well as scanning electron microscopes (SEMs).