Atomic Force Microscope System - Bruker Dimension Icon with ScanAsyst ®

The Atomic Force Microscope System - Bruker Dimension Icon with ScanAsyst® for scanning probe microscopy is capable of nanoscale surface topography and morphology measurements of a range of different surface types producing high resolution, three-dimensional images by scanning a sharp probe over the sample surface.


  • NanoScope® Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) control station
  • NanoScope® analysis software
  • Display and capture up to eight images simultaneously
  • Integrated acoustic and vibration isolation enclosure
  • 210mm vacuum sample chuck
  • Regular contact mode and tapping mode with f = 300 kHz
  • Peak Force QNM software maps nano-mechanical properties while simultaneously imaging sample topography at high resolution
  • Probe tip resolution ~ 5 nm
  • New AFM probes for sale


Usage Fee: Category B Rates

$25/hour (academic) / $100/hour (industry)*

* An industry set-up fee of $100 per visit applies to the use of this instrument.


Usage Fee: Category B Rates

$25/hour (academic), $100/hour (industry)

Bruker Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope with ScanAsyst

For general inquiries, contact:

Donald J. Goralski

Director, Shared Instrumentation Laboratories

(716) 645-5151


For technical inquiries, contact:

Zongmin (Shirley) Bei, PhD

Senior Research Support Specialist

Shared Instrumentation Laboratories 

(716) 645-5165