Facilities & Equipment

As one of the world's premier research institutions, UB has an impressive collection of specialized equipment, as well as dedicated research facilities. We invite you to learn more about these valuable resources, and contact us for details regarding how you can use them.


UB has class 1000 cleanroom space with class 100 working areas available for use. The multidisciplinary cleanroom is designed for research and electronic device development and processing, materials characterization, microfabrication and other processes.

Digital Manufacturing Lab.

The Digital Manufacturing Laboratory provides access to a variety of 3D printing / additive  and digital manufacturing services and technologies for rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing of highly detailed and durable 3D objects and parts. 

materials characterization.

We can help you to understand a material's structure and properties using the specialized equipment and expert analytical services at UB - for both surface and bulk materials characterization.

Motion Simulation Lab.

The motion-based driving simulator is a high-fidelity tool for training, education, and transportation and behavioral research. The 6-DOF motion platform, 360º degree visual display system and interactive driver controls create an authentic driving experience.

High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRTEM) Facility

The JEOL JEM 2010 is a high-resolution electron microscope with an accelerating voltage of 200KV, and a point resolution of 0.19 nm. Equipped with a 5-axis micro-active goniometer, the JEOL HRTEM enables micro-structural analysis for a variety of crystalline materials.

shared facilities at UB.

From collaborating with and leveraging faculty expertise to using cutting-edge technology and specialized equipment to leasing space - UB has a wide variety of facilities and resources available to help you achieve your goals.