Pycnometry System (gas displacement) - Micromeritics Accu-Pyc II 1340

The Micromeritics Accu-Pyc II 1340 Gas Pycnometer provides high-precision volume measurements and density calculations on a wide variety of powders, and solids having volumes from 0.01 to 2000 cm3.


  • Simple calibration process allows the user to easily determine the volume of the instrument sample cell and expansion chambers using a traceable standard volume. After calibration, the cell and expansion chamber volumes are stored automatically.
  • A unique run precision feature increases the precision of analysis results by reporting data from five consecutive measurements that are within a user specified tolerance. This feature allows early termination of analysis, thereby decreasing the number of cycles needed for accurate results.
  • Sample mass may be directly input from an analytical balance through an RS-232 port


Materials Characterization Laboratory
Furnas Hall room #109/110
University at Buffalo North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260


Category B Rates

  • Internal Academic: $10 per hour
  • External Academic: $18 per hour
  • Industry: $40 per hour
For general inquiries, contact:

Donald J. Goralski
Director, Shared Instrumentation Laboratories
(716) 645-5151

For technical inquiries, contact:

Zongmin (Shirley) Bei, PhD
Senior Research Support Specialist
Shared Instrumentation Laboratories (716) 645-5165