Transmission Electron Microscope (High Resolution) - JEOL JEM 2010

The JEOL JEM 2010 is a high-resolution electron microscope with an accelerating voltage of 200KV, and a point resolution of 0.19 nm. Equipped with a 5-axis micro-active goniometer, the JEOL HRTEM enables micro-structural analysis for a variety of crystalline materials. It provides bright or dark field morphology images, and the corresponding crystal structures by electron diffraction.

Contact and Location

Yueling Qin, PhD
Research Assistant Professor;
Sr. Research Support Specialist
NYS Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics (CMI)
(716) 645-8698

High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM) Facility
109 Fronczak Hall
University at Buffalo
North Campus
Buffalo, NY

TEM Photographs


  • Two different modes of operation:
    • Convergent Beam Diffraction (CBD) mode for crystal symmetry analysis
    • Nano Beam Diffraction (NBD) mode for crystal structure for nano-particles
  • Gatan CCD camera and Digital Micrograph software provides:
    • Improved lattice-resolution
    • Automated measurement capabilities
    • Real-time video recording
  • Sample preparation tools (wire saw, dimpler, polishers, etc.) are also available.


Internal UB Rates:

  • $55/hour, unassisted or assisted

External Academic Rates:

  • $75/hour unassisted or
  • $115/hour with technical assistance

External Industry Rates:

  • $150/hour
  • $200/hour with technical assistance