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Centrifugal Evaporating System (Aqueous) - Labconco CentriVap® Concentrator System (w/oil-free vacuum pump attached)

Centrifugal Evaporating System - Labconco CentriVap® Concentrator System.

The Labconco CentriVap® Aqueous Centrifugal Evaporating System is ideal for biology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical research, and analytical chemistry applications. It is used to concentrate small-volume samples in aqueous solution. The system uses centrifugal force with heat and vacuum to rapidly evaporate and condense solvents from biological and analytical samples. Under vacuum (very low pressure), the vapor-liquid equilibrium of the solvent is shifted towards the gas phase, while the sample (DNA, peptide, etc.) remains primarily in the solid phase. The system enables easy removal of solvent with very little stress placed on the solute, resulting in a dry, solid sample (plus salts that were present in the solvent buffer, etc.)


  • 300 watt heater to speed evaporation by warming the chamber during processing
    • Heater supplies up to 100°C (212°F) of heat in 1°C increments
  • Separate settings for heat and run times, to protect heat-sensitive samples from excessive heat exposure after the solvent has evaporated
  • Temperature settings as low as –50°C (–58°F)
  • Maximum speed of 1725rpm
  • Storage for up to 9 user-set programs defining temperature, heat time, and run time
  • LCD shows program number, actual and set point temperatures, heat time, run time, and a heat boost indicator
  • Preset timer to signal the end of a run


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