David B. Hershenov, Director, Romanell Center

David Hershenov, PhD, is a professor of philosophy at the University at Buffalo and director of the Romanell Center. His earlier research was focused upon issues at the intersection of personal identity and bioethics. His recent research interests are in the philosophy of medicine.

Hershenov has been working for a very long time on a book about the Metaphysical Foundations of Bioethics. He is also finishing up a book co-authored with Rose Hershenov entitled Health, Harm, and Potential: A Philosophical Analysis of Abortion.

Curriculum Vitae

David B. Hershenov.

David B. Hershenov

Working Groups

  • Autonomy, Addiction, and Accountability
  • Creation and Enhancement
  • End of Life Issues
  • Health, Harm, and Well-Being
  • Ontology of Health and Disease
  • Philosophical Foundations of Bioethics


Selected Publications

 “Pathocentric Medicine and a Moderate Internal Morality of Medicine”, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy. Forthcoming

 “Health, Interests, and Equality” with Rose Hershenov, Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics. Forthcoming

“Morally Relevant Potential” with Rose Hershenov. Journal of Medical Ethics, 2015. 41:3. 268-271.

 “Death and Dignity.” Anscombe Forum: Human Dignity. Eds: John Mizzoni, Neumann University Press. 2016. pp. 93-116