Travis Timmerman

Travis Timmerman is currently an assistant professor of philosophy at Seton Hall University. He completed his PhD in Philosophy at Syracuse University in May 2016. Before he was at Syracuse, he did his undergraduate work in philosophy and political science at Arizona State University. He also completed a master’s in political science at ASU with a focus on political theory and American politics. His research interests are in ethics, death, and epistemology.

Most of his work on death has focused on issues related to deprivationism. Deprivationism is the view that death is bad because, and to the extent that, it deprives individuals of goods they would have had were their actual death not to occur. Outside of the death literature, his work in ethics primarily focuses on the actualism/possibilism debate, global poverty, and animal welfare.

Travis Timmerman.

Travis Timmerman

Working Groups

  • End of Life Issues
  • Health, Harm, and Well-Being
  • Philosophical Foundations of Bioethics

Selected Publications

You're Probably Not Really a Speciesist, forthcoming at Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 

Your Death Might be the Worst Thing Ever to Happen to You (But Maybe You Shouldn't Care), the Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2016) 

Reconsidering Categorical Desire Views, In Michael Cholbi (ed.), Immortality and the Philosophy of Death, Rowman and Littlefield (2016) 

Sometimes There is Nothing Wrong with Letting a Child DrownAnalysis (2015

Selected Activities