Harvey Berman

Harvey Berman is a pharmacologist responsible for teaching Doctors of Pharmacy (PharmD) and of Medicine (MD) in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. His teaching and research interests are in adverse drug interactions, pharmacogenomics, ethics of drug clinical trials, pain palliation and geriatric pharmacology.

For the past decade, Dr. Berman has been studying bioethics with some concentrated time at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, and through course work on Suffering and Palliative Care in Nijmegen, Netherlands, and Religion and Bioethics at the University of Padua, Italy. Dr. Berman has recently returned from sabbatical study of assisted suicide at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics. Dr. Berman, a member of the Romanell Center for Clinical Ethics and the Philosophy of Medicine, is the director of Introduction to Bioethics, which combines lecture and discussion on current topics in bioethics, and is offered through the medical school to students of health care.

Harvey Berman.

Harvey Berman

Working Groups

  • Clincal Ethics
  • Research Ethics

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