Neil Williams

Neil Williams is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University at Buffalo, and Department Chair.  His work is in the metaphysics of science (causal powers especially)  and includes publications in the nature and classification of disease.

Neil Williams.

Neil Williams

Working Group

Ontology of Health and Disease

Selected Publications

  • Dispositions and the Argument from Science  (2011) Australasian Journal of Philosophy.
  • Putnam’s Traditional Neo-Essentialism  (2011) Philosophical Quarterly.
  • Puzzling Powers: The Problem of Fit   (2010) The Metaphysics of Dispositions: Their Grounding and Their Manifestations Marmodoro, A (ed.). New York: Routledge.
  • A Dispositional Theory of Possibility (2008) Dialectica. (with A. Borghini).
  • The Factory Model of Disease (2007) The Monist.