Stephen Kershnar

Stephen Kershnar is a distinguished teaching professor in the philosophy department at the State University of New York at Fredonia and an attorney. He focuses on applied ethics and political philosophy. Kershnar has written on a number of topics in bioethics including abortion, affirmative action in medical schools, consent, Judeo-Christian bioethics, pedophilia, and quantifying health. Kershnar is the author of nine books, including Total Collapse: The Case Against Morality and Responsibility (2018) and Abortion, Hell, and Shooting Abortion-Doctors: Does the Pro-Life Worldview Make Sense? (2017). 

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Stephen Kershnar, PhD.

Stephen Kershnar, PhD

Working Groups

  • Autonomy, Addiction, and Accountability
  • Creation and Enhancement
  • End of Life Issues
  • Health, Harm, and Well-Being

Selected Publications

Stephen Kershnar, Does the Pro-Life Worldview Make Sense? Abortion, Hell, and Violence Against Abortion Doctors, Routledge (2019)

Stephen Kershnar, “Quantifying Health Across Populations,” Bioethics 30 (2016): 451-461

Stephen Kershnar, “Does the Pro-Life Position Entail the Permissibility of Assassinating Abortion-Doctors?” What’s Wrong? March 16, 2016

Stephen Kershnar, “Rights, virtue, and David Boonin’s defense of the implausible conclusion of the non-identity problem,” Science, Religion and Culture, 2 (2015): 102-107

Stephen Kershnar, “Fetuses are like Rapists: A Judith-Jarvis-Thomson-Inspired Argument on Abortion,” Reason Papers 37 (2015): 88-109