David B. Hershenov

Ph.D., California (Santa Barbara)

Contact Information:

136B Park Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-4150

Phone: (716) 645-0150

Email: dh25@buffalo.edu
Personal Website: David B. Hershenov

Areas of Specialization

Metaphysics, Bioethics, Philosophy of Medicine

Current Research

The Metaphysical Foundations of Bioethics



Philosophy of Biology

Selected Publications

“Restitution and Revenge,” Journal of Philosophy, 96:2, 1999, 79-94.

“Organisms and Their Bodies,” Mind. 2009, 118:70. 803-809.

“Four-Dimensional Animalism” in  Animalism: New Essays on Persons, Animals, and  Identity,  eds. Paul Snowdon and Stephan Blatti. Oxford University Press. 2016. 208-226.

 “Morally Relevant Potential” with Rose Hershenov. Journal of Medical Ethics, 2015. 41:3. 268-271.

“Vague Existence Implies Vague Identity” Akiba and Abasnezhad eds. Vague Objects and Vague Identity. Springer Press. 2014. 283-303.