David B. Hershenov

Ph.D., California (Santa Barbara)

Romanell Center for Clinical Ethics and the Philosophy of Medicine

Contact Information:

136B Park Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-4150

Phone: (716) 645-0150

Email: dh25@buffalo.edu
Personal Website: David B. Hershenov

Portrait of Dr. Hershnov

Areas of Specialization

Metaphysics, Bioethics, Philosophy of Medicine

Current Research

The Metaphysical Foundations of Bioethics



Philosophy of Biology

Selected Publications

“Restitution and Revenge,” Journal of Philosophy, 96:2, 1999, 79-94.

“Organisms and Their Bodies,” Mind. 2009, 118:70. 803-809.

“Four-Dimensional Animalism” in Animalism: New Essays on Persons, Animals, and  Identity, eds. Paul Snowdon and Stephan Blatti. Oxford University Press. 2016. 208-226.

 “Morally Relevant Potential” with Rose Hershenov. Journal of Medical Ethics, 2015. 41:3. 268-271.

“Vague Existence Implies Vague Identity” Akiba and Abasnezhad eds. Vague Objects and Vague Identity. Springer Press. 2014. 283-303.