Maureen B. Donnelly

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor
PhD, Texas (Austin)

Contact Information:

127 Park Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-4150

Phone: (716) 645-0143


Personal Website:  Maureen B. Donnelly

Portrait of professor

Areas of Specialization

Metaphysics, Formal Ontology, Bioinformatics

Current Research

Mereology, ontology, persistence, time, spatial and temporal relations, vagueness


Introduction to Ethics

Philosophy in Literature

The Mereological Structure of Material Objects

Time, Tense, and Temporal Perspective

Theories of Persistence

Selected Publications

  • Donnelly, M. (2011) Using Mereological Principles to Support Metaphysics, Philosophical Quarterly 61: 225-246.
  • Donnelly, M. (2011) Endurantist and Perdurantist Accounts of Persistence, Philosophical Studies 154:  27-51.
  • Donnelly, M. (2010) Parthood and Multi-Location. In D. Zimmerman (ed.) Oxford Studies in  Metaphysics, Vol. 5: 203-243.
  • Donnelly, M. (2009) Mereological Vagueness and Existential Vagueness, Synthese 168: 53-79.
  • Donnelly, M. and T. Bittner (2009) Summation Relations and Portions of Stuff, Philosophical Studies 143: 167-185.