Ryan Muldoon

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Contact Information, General Delivery:

107 Park Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-4150

Email: rmuldoon@buffalo.edu
Personal Website: Ryan Muldoon  

Areas of Specialization

Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Ethics

Current Research

My research interests are primarily centered on the social organization of political, cultural, and scientific communities. In particular, I am interested in how these communities can and should respond to diversity. This focus on diversity is manifested most prominently in my three major projects: the first remakes social contract theory for very diverse societies, the second offers a normative-descriptive framework for analyzing the division of cognitive labor in science, and the third examines the emergence and persistence of social norms.


Contemporary Moral Problems

Law Morality Authority

Selected Publications

Muldoon, Ryan. "Expanding the Justificatory Framework of Mill's Experiments in Living," Utilitas (forthcoming).

Muldoon, Ryan; Lisciandra, Chiara; Colyvan, Mark; Sprenger, Jan; Martini, Carlo; Sillari, Giacomo. "Disagreement beyond the Veil of Ignorance,"Philosophical Studies 170: 3 (August , 2014): 377-94.

Muldoon, Ryan; Borgida, Michael; Cuffaro, Michael. "The Conditions of Tolerance," Politics, Philosophy and Economics 11: 3 (August, 2012): 322-44.