2022 Romanell Center Bioethics Workshop

Romanell Center Bioethics Workshop.

Join us for the Romanell Center Bioethics Workshop, Saturday, April 30, Park Hall 141, 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on UB North Campus. The workshop features presentations by Romanell Fellows and a keynote by Melissa Moschella (Catholic University) "Contextualizing, Clarifying and Defending the Doctrine of Double Effect."

April 30 2022
Park Hall 141,  9:30am to 6:15pm

99:30–10:30 Neil Feit (Romanell Center/ SUNY Fredonia) "Plural Harm and a Problem with Posthumous Harm."

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:45 Travis Timmerman (Romanell Center/Seton Hall). “Comparing Infinitely Valuable Lives”

11:45-1:45 Lunch

1:45-2:45 Elizabeth Victor (William Paterson University) “A Defense of Nonideal Approaches to Bioethics”

2:45-3:00 Break

3:00-4:00. Kurt Blankschaen (Daemon College) Topic: Natural Law and Trans-Identity

4:00-4:15 Break

4:15-6:15  Keynote Lecture. Melissa Moschella (Catholic University.) "Contextualizing, Clarifying and Defending the Doctrine of Double Effect." 

Contact David Hershenov at dh25@buffalo.edu for advance copies of the workshop papers.