Autonomy, Addiction, and Accountability

Robert Kelly  leads the Autonomy, Addiction, and Accountability Working Group. Members include  Jim Delaney, Jack Freer, Robert Kelly, David Hershenov, Steve Kershnar, and, John Keller.

Contact: Robert Kelly,

Selected Links

Links categorized with short descriptions listed as provided by Robert Kelly, Spring 2021.


Addiction Research:

1) – This is a link to a collection of 19 articles published in Frontiers in Psychiatry on the nature of addiction, each of which aims “to move beyond the polarization between the competing moral and disease models of addiction.” The volume is edited with an introductory article by Hanna Pickard, Serge Ahmed, and Bennett Foddy.  

2) – This is the research/articles page for well-known addiction researcher Hanna Pickard. It contains links to a number of her articles (free), a link to her 2019 co-edited volume The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy and Science of Addiction (purchase required), and links to a handful of popular talks, interviews, blog posts, etc. 

3)– This is a review by Terry Robinson and Kent Berridge of four different neurobiological explanations for the transition to addiction, including their own well-known incentive sensitization theory. 

a) – This is the articles/talks page for Kent Berridge with links to many of his articles. 

4) – This is a link to the publication Drugs, Brain, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction, a short introduction to the neuroscience of addiction from the National Institute on Drug Abuse

5) – This is the research/articles page for Harvard psychologist and addiction researcher Gene Heyman, including links to many of his articles (free) and his 2009 book Addiction: A Disorder of Choice (purchased required). 

6) – This is a link to information and articles on Bruce Alexander’s famous Rat Park study, which was important for highlighting the relevance of environmental influences to addictive behavior. 

7) – This is the talks/articles page for world renowned addiction researcher Gabor Mate, providing links to a plethora of his articles and interviews (free), as well as his books (purchase required). 

8) – This is the homepage for the organization Harm reduction, Abstience, and Moderation Support (HAMS), whose research focuses on supporting harm reduction techniques in combatting addiction. 

9) – This is a roundtable discussion on Marc Lewis’s The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not a Disease hosted on The Brains Blog. It features a precis of the book by Lewis, and commentary from Hanna Pickard, Kent Berridge, and Jerome Wakefield. 

Addiction Ontology:

1) – This is the homepage for AddictO, an ontology of addiction that is being jointly developed by ontologists and addiction researchers. 

Related papers: 

a) – This paper describes a series being introduced to the journal Addiction called “Addiction Theories and Constructs,” which is intended to provide a platform for submitting work that aims to contribute to the goal of developing interoperable ontologies of addiction as a means to advancing our understanding and our methods within addiction research. 

b) – This paper provides a basic introduction to building ontologies with Basic Formal Ontology, and how this method can be (and is being) applied to the field of addiction research. 

2) – This is the homepage for the Human Behavior Change Project, which is a collaborative effort between behavioral scientists, computer scientists, systems architects, and ontologists. It aims to utilize knowledge systems like ontologies and artificial intelligence like natural language processing to extract and integrate data about behavior change interventions so as to better understand what works, for who, in what context, and why. 

Related papers: 

a) – This provides a list of the relevant papers, presentations, videos and other resources related to the Human Behavior Change Project and its component parts, such as the development of the Behavior Change Intervention Ontology (BCIO). The resources are searchable by topic and resource type. 


Addiction News:

1) – This is the news and events page for the NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse

2) – This is the news page for the journal Addiction.

3) – This is the press release page for the journal Addiction

4) – This is Science Daily’s webpage for addiction news. 


Addiction Books:

1) – This is an archive of books on addiction hosted by the journal Addiction. They feature lists of books (not all reviewed by the journal) five times per year, and the list is searchable by year or keyword search. 

2) – This is a top 100 list of books on addiction and recovery compiled by an ex-addict and book enthusiast. Many feature memoirs or biographies (e.g. from Jim Carrol, William Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, and Craig Ferguson), some are fiction that feature themes on addiction, and some are from addiction scientists (e.g. Carl Hart and Gabor Mate). 


Addiction Podcasts:

1) This is the homepage for the podcast “Addiction Audio” hosted by the journal Addiction. They interview addiction researchers about their work, about publishing in the journal, and about various topics related to the study of addiction. 

2) – This page lists episodes of the podcast hosted by the Addiction Science Network: ASNet Podcast

3) – This is the homepage for the podcast from The Journal of Addiction Medicine


Addiction Meetings and Conferences:

1) – This is a list of upcoming meetings and conferences on addiction from the journal Addiction.

2) – This is a list of upcoming meetings and conferences on addiction from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.