Click Modules

Click Portal is an integrated suite of easy-to-use software. UB is using this software to provide its researchers with the same look and feel across all their research administration needs.

As each Click module approaches its respective implementation phase, we will add and update key information on each module page noted below. This includes training opportunities, FAQs and other helpful resources.

  • IRB
    Active on 11/1/2015. Click's IRB module will replace IRBNET for all UB researchers. This new system will simplify and improve your protocol submission and approval process.
  • Agreements
    Active on 3/15/2016 The Click Agreements module provides a single, convenient location for investigators to request research-related proposals and contracts. It includes Sponsored Research Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, Clinical Trial Agreements, Nondisclosure Agreements and other documents useful for reviews and negotiation.
  • Safety
    Active on 2/2/2016. The Click Safety module incorporates forms for biosafety, radiation safety, chemical safety and stem cell research oversight. The solution accommodates standalone safety committee applications. Or it integrates with IRB, IACUC and other compliance and funding processes such as grants.
  • Grants
    Launching on 10/1/2016. The Click Grants module will provide system to system submission for most Grants.Gov applications, budgeting capability, award information and will be the system used for proposal routing, credit distribution and approvals.
  • COI
    9/8/2015. Click COI is an electronic, centralized conflict of interest management system for all types of disclosures: transactional, annual certification and research specific.
    9/8/2015. The Click IACUC module improves collaboration between investigators, IACUC coordinators, training coordinators, veterinary reviewers and committee members during all IACUC activities.