Research Roundtable: ‘I Want to Initiate a Human Subjects Research Project — Now What?’

research roundtable.

Published September 10, 2021

In this first edition of the University at Buffalo Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Translational Spotlight newsletter’s “Research Roundtable” section, UB's Clinical Research Office (CRO) looks behind the curtain of the Central Study Registration (CSR) system and Click modules to outline what happens after you submit your study to the CSR and subsequently through Click’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) system. The IRB component will be detailed in the next edition of “Research Roundtable.”

All studies conducted through one of the health sciences schools must register each of their studies through the CSR system. Only clinical trials (by NIH definition) conducted through the other schools on campus must register their studies. This should be done before any entry into the Click system, as CSR processing will begin the Click IRB entry.

What happens after you register your study may be a bit of a mystery until you get word that you are able to proceed. Here, we will explain what happens along the way once you submit your study to the registration system. In the next edition of “Research Roundtable,” we will explore how studies are categorized, look at the preliminary review process, and examine how studies are sent through for the appropriate approval mechanism within the IRB.

Click on each step in the flow diagram drop-down below for a description of what happens at that stage.

Submission Flow: Central Study Registration (CSR) to Institutional Review Board (IRB)