Translational Pilot Studies Current and Past Awards

Terry Connell lab.

The pilot studies review process consists of an initial letter of intent which determines invitations for full RFPs (Requests For Proposals). The invited full proposals are then reviewed according to RFP criteria by faculty in a partner Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) hub. 

Research implementation and participation

An operational principle for the UB Clinical and Translational Science Institute is to maximize the impact of our initiatives through a catalytic approach to the development and testing of new approaches to solving translational research problems, and to implementation and disseminatation of those approaches that work.

We conduct a robust pilot studies program to identify new methods for translation with an emphasis on strategies to better engage underserved populations. The program is designed to reward interdisciplinary collaboration by making it a review criterion.

We use CTSA and institutional funding to enhance innovation in engaging special populations -- including children, the elderly and those experiencing health disparities (all underrepresented in clinical studies) -- in clinical research projects.

Pilot Study Awards

Past Awards: