Honors and Awards

Here is how we recognize our students, faculty and staff.

CSTEP recognizes the contributions of students, faculty and staff whose efforts advance our mission: “To whom much is given, much is expected.” We take pride in supporting underrepresented students and increasing their participation and visibility in STEM fields and the licensed professions, and we are happy to recognize the efforts of others who do the same.

Outstanding Service Award

Given annually to a staff or faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding service and commitment to the CSTEP program.

Students of the Year

Recognizes students who truly exemplify the CSTEP mission.

  • 2023 Recipients Ryan Dewan, Joel Muhigiwra
  • 2022 Recipients  Sara Cruz, Marieross Navarro , Sergio Smith
  • 2021 Recipients Nigel Smith-Ordain
  • 2020 Recipients Abdulelah Ahmed, Taylor Campbell, Charles LaFargue 
  • 2020 Recipients Cont.  Tamijah Lawton-Stone, Maisha Rahman
  • 2019 Recipients Temara Cross, Arsh Issany, William Philips
  • 2018 Recipients Marcus Ashford, Elizabeth Quaye, Ashley Solomon
  • 2017 Recipients: Christina Aponte & Kaytlan LoCicero

Graduating Student of the Year

Recognizes a graduating senior who has exceeded expectations and demonstrated a strong commitment to CSTEP’s mission.

Past Recipients

2023- Chirdera Anameze

2023- Chidalu Anameze

2023- Malisah Amoako

2022- Danielle Haynes

2022- Amarachi Kanu

2022- Jenny Moya

2022- Maisha Rahman

2021- Mirka Arevalo

2021- Isabelle Linares

2021-Ophelia Phillips

2021- William Phillips 

2021- Triniti Fitts 

2020 - Gerardo Barrera Giron

2020 -Arsh Issany

2020- Aliaya Williams 

2019- Keiona Nance 

2018- Ali Al Qaraghuli

2018 - Christina Aponte

2018- Coral Lopez-Jimenez

2018- Terrika Pereira

2017 - Aaron Nimako

2017 - Oluwatosin Oniyide