Click Agreements Module for Contract Management

The Click Agreements module provides a single, convenient location for investigators to request research-related proposals and contracts. It includes Sponsored Research Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, Clinical Trial Agreements, Nondisclosure Agreements and other documents useful for reviews and negotiation.

Industry Sponsored Research Agreements

Used when the company sponsor is funding research. There are three components to the agreement:

  • Scope-of-Work (SOW) – PI works with the company technical representative to define the research work UB will do.
  • Budget – Once the SOW is defined, the PI works with Sponsored Projects Services to develop the budget.
  • Agreement – The agreement incorporates the SOW and Budget and defines the respective responsibilities of the parties.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (often referred to as NDA or CDA)

NDAs are most often used to cover initial technical discussions.  For example, when discussing a potential research collaboration or license opportunity.  Each party is asking the other to only use their confidential information for the purpose described in the NDA.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)

  • Incoming material transfers are used when a PI asks a company for materials to use in their research. 
  • Outgoing material transfers are used when a company is evaluating a UB material for potential licensing, or for use in their internal research.

Clinical Trial Agreements

  • Used when the company sponsor is funding a human clinical study.
  • The clinical trial may be either company initiated of investigator initiated.