Why I Give: Reflections from a community volunteer and donor

Portrait of Jerry Linder.

Jerry Linder's volunteer work has allowed her to see firsthand the needs in our community helped by her donations.

“If everyone at UB gives whatever they can afford, the impact will be tremendous. ”
Jerry Linder
Community volunteer and donor

In 2008, I was invited by a UB colleague, Ruth D. Bryant-Lynch to consider volunteering to join the Board of Trustees of the Aloma D. Johnson Fruit Belt Community Charter School. Ruth thought I could help to provide assistance in developing HR policies and procedures for the new school. The school had just opened in August 2008 and Ruth was president of the board. Initially I served as chairperson of the board’s personnel committee. I now serve as president of the board. 

The mission of the school is to provide all students an innovative, high quality, and comprehensive school program based on fostering students' intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth and helping them acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to reach their full learning potential.

Volunteering as a board member has provided a marvelous opportunity for me to provide my services to my community. There are so many children, adults and families in our community who are so less fortunate than me and my family. As part of my commitment, I also give a donation each year to UB’s Employees Campaign for the Community in order to provide some small measure of assistance to those children and their families.

Buffalo and Western New York are well known for having a giving spirit.  We love to help others when we can and if everyone at UB gives whatever amount they can afford, the impact on our community will be tremendous.