What is the UB Employees Campaign for the Community?

The annual employees campaign at UB is an opportunity for all employees at UB, regardless of their department, to make donations to charitable community organizations. The campaign takes place each fall and is a State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) campaign. It began in 1976 at UB and in that time, UB employees have donated more than $18 million. The Employees Campaign for the Community is the largest employee giving campaign in New York State and is consistently ranked as one of the top five campaigns in the nation.

When does the campaign take place?

The 2018 UB Employees Campaign for the Community begins September 20. Employees are asked to make their donations before the end of the calendar year.

How do I make a donation?

You can make a donation either online or with a paper pledge form. See the donate page for more information on making a gift.

Who can I contact if I have trouble logging in to make a donation?

For assistance in making your gift online or questions about your contribution, please contact the United Way here.

Who benefits from my contribution?

Individuals and famlies from across our community seeking a variety of health and human services are helped through the campaign. Beneficiary organizations represent hundreds of agencies and programs serving a diverse population throughout the WNY region and beyond.

Read personal stories about fellow UB employees who have been helped by our donations, as well as details about what your gift can specifically support here.

What percentage of my donation goes to the programs?

While this varies slightly throughout the different SEFA regions, a minimum of 88 cents of each dollar you contribute goes to fund services. SEFA prides itself in keeping administrative costs to a minimum through the use of state employee volunteers and careful budgeting.

Can I designate my contribution to a specific organization?

Absolutely! We encourage you to make a contribution to a particular organization that has made a meaningful impact on your life, or that you wish to directly support. You may have your gift sent to one, two, three or more specific organizations--the choice is yours.

See a PDF list of organizations here. Search for charities here.

Can I designate a contribution to agencies not listed in the directory?

No. But agencies may contact Rema Hanash at United Way at (716) 887-2626 for information about applying for a listing in the statewide directory.

How will my gift be used if I choose not to designate to an agency?

For state employees, undesignated gifts are distributed proportionally to all agencies that receive designated gifts from all contributions in the New York State SEFA campaign.

Example: if agency X received five percent of the designated gifts from all state SEFA contributions, they will also receive five percent of “undesignated” dollars accumulated. Agencies who receive no designations are not eligible.

Please note:  many donors are still under the impression that any undesignated dollars from their pledges are directed to the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County.  SEFA regulations do not stipulate an automatic transfer of undesignated dollars to any specific agency ie) the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County.

If you would like your contribution to go to the United Way of Buffalo & Erie, you must use the SEFA code - 57-00172 or the “write-in” option specifying the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County.

Why should I give to this campaign instead of directly to a service provider?

The UB Employees Campaign is the most efficient way to give. Your contribution helps fund a multitude of programs and services. With this campaign, you don't have to write multiple checks to multiple organizations throughout the year. You don't have to remember when to give or to whom. The advantage of payroll deduction makes giving easy and secure.

What is my User ID and password to log in and make a donation?

Your User ID is your UBIT email address. Your password is the one you created when you logged into the system last year. If you did not previously create a password or have forgotten your password, click 'Get Password' and a link to reset your password will be sent to you.  You can then create your own password.

If an employee makes a gift via check, where do they send it?

All checks can be made out to SEFA and should be mailed with a copy of the electronic pledge form to:

Employees Campaign for the Community

UB Foundation

Center for Tomorrow

North Campus

If I made a gift on a paper form, where do I send it?

All paper pledge forms can be mailed to: 

Employees Campaign for the Community

UB Foundation

Center for Tomorrow

North Campus