Campaign Progress & History

Progress to Date

Thank you to all departments, offices, schools and individuals for your generosity.

2020-2021 Campaign progress: $684,060 as of 3/1/2021. 

Campaign History

Started in 1976 as the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA), the UB Employees Campaign for the Community provides the means for all employees and retirees of the university to make a meaningful contribution to charitable organizations worldwide in a safe and easy way.

Campaign Facts

  • UB’s is the largest university campaign in NYS, raising more than $800,000 almost annually
  • UB’s SEFA Campaign began in 1976
  • Since the campaign started at UB, employees have donated more than $18 million to charitable organizations
  • In the last ten years UB has raised more than $8.7 million
  • Each year, about 200 liaisons volunteer to work on the campaign
  • Employees can designate their gifts to more than 2,100 community organizations around the world
  • In 2010 the Campaign went online, saving 120,000 pieces of paper in the process and $4,000 in printing costs
  • The university consistently ranks in the top 5 of university giving campaigns across the country

Past Campaign Chairs & Totals Raised

2019 Chair Nancy Smyth, Dean of the School of Social Work 

Total $759,248

2018 Chair Joseph Zambon, Dean of the School of Dental Medicine 

Total $853,788

2017 Chair Graham Hammill, Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Dean of the Graduate School and Interim Dean of Undergraduate Education

Total $858,699

2016 Chair Robert Genco, Director, UB Microbiome Center

Total $864,006

2015 Chair Marsha L. Lewis, Dean of the School of Nursing
Total $894,748 

2014 Chair Sean P. Sullivan, Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Budget
Total $891,002

2013 Chair H. Austin Booth, Vice Provost for University Libraries
Total $858,000

2012 Chair A. Scott Weber, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Total $850,919

2011 Chair Dennis Dennis R. Black, Vice President for University Life and Services
Total $815,148

2010 Chair Scott Nostaja, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
Total $828,380

2009 Chair Scott Nostaja, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
Total $916,338

2008 Chair David Dunn, Vice President Health Sciences
Total $877,320

2007 Chair Marsha Henderson, Vice President External Affairs
Total $882,666

2006 Chair Michael E. Ryan, Undergraduate Education
Total $916,988

2005 Chair Reggie Witherspoon, Athletics
Total $925,770

2004 Chair John Thomas, Dean, School of Management
Total $883,656

2003 Chair Mark H. Karwan, Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Total $847,492

2002 Chair Mecca Cranley, Dean, School of Nursing
Total $843,820

2001 Chair Mary Gresham, Dean, Graduate School of Education
Total $802,870

2000 Chair Lawrence Shulman, Dean, School of Social Work
Total $757,060

1999 Chair R. Nils Olsen, Dean, Law School
Total $719,448

1998 Chair Dennis Black, Vice President, University Life and Services
Total $690,359

1997 Chair Barry Eckert, Dean, School of Health Related Professions
Total $656,643

1996 Chair Nelson Townsend
Total $650,689