School Supply Drive

Photo of local students benefiting from UB's School Supply Drive.

Local students benefiting from UB's School Supply Drive.

At the start of every new school year the Office of Community Relations works with offices and departments campus-wide to collect new school supplies that are then donated to schools throughout the City of Buffalo. 

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About the drive

A very popular initiative on campus, the School Supply Drive involves partnership with over 40 departments and collects over 17 thousand items provided by our generous employees. Our office distributes the supplies to elementary and middle schools in the City of Buffalo.

Important Dates and Drop-off Locations

We want to thank those who participated in the 2021 School Supply Drive! We collected supplies to benefit the students attending the K-8 schools supported by the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood in the University Heights district, the students attending Buffalo Academy of Science and the students and families of UB’s Educational Opportunity Program. 

Thank you,
Office of Community Relations

Supplies needed

Please note: No slightly used or opened supplies can be accepted due to public health concerns. 

Needed supplies contributed by our employees include:

Tissues; disinfecting wipes and other cleaning supplies; large book bags; plastic-coated folders; crayons, colored pencils and lead pencils; composition notebooks; scissors; glue sticks and bottles of glue; hand sanitizer; gallon-size plastic bags; pocket folders; wipe-off markers; earphones; pink erasers; rulers; different color highlighters; index cards; clipboards; folders with prongs; hand soap; notebook paper; basic calculators; 1.2-2 inch binders; packs of dividers; pencil sharpeners; pocket dictionaries; container for supplies; pens; removable drives; organizers/planners; graphing calculators; and scientific calculators.

Interested in participating?

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