Test Monitoring & Academic Integrity

As always, academic integrity remains one of UB’s core principles when utilizing remote learning. On this page you'll find information about online proctoring options available at UB, including advantages, disadvantages and considerations of each. On this page you will also find related programmatic assessment information and resources to help guide you in ensuring synergistic student pathways.

Before choosing one of the online proctoring options below, we highly recommend considering additional assessment options first, as well as each individual student’s situational factors. It is also important to review their benefits, drawbacks and considerations in order to make informed decisions for instructors and students.

Additionally, UB Learns includes a selection of assessment types, and accessibility and student exceptions to ensure every student is supported. 

Academic Integrity Policies

The University at Buffalo takes very seriously its commitment to principles of academic integrity as foundational to the enterprise of teaching and learning. Violations of these principles disrupt the balance of the academic enterprise and ultimately diminish its success. 

Learn more about the University's academic integrity policies for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

Proctoring tools and resources

Zoom as a Proctoring Tool

Though not designed as a proctoring tool, instructors at many national universities are virtually proctoring students through Zoom’s video communication tool.

Learn more about proctoring with Zoom

Respondus as a Proctoring Tool

Respondus tools can be used to deter cheating in non-proctored exams in UB Learns as well as create and manage test questions.

Learn more about proctoring with Respondus

Teaching Effectiveness

Course evaluations are an important part of UB's commitment to academic excellence, are administered by the Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation, with oversight provided by the Course Evaluation Advisory Committee: Student Course Evaluation; Course Evaluation Reporting; and SmartEvals administration.

Learn more about Teaching Effectiveness

Top Hat

Top Hat is a web-based software tool teachers can use to take attendance, administer polls and quizzes, play games and share notes. Students can use their laptop, phone or tablet to participate.

Learn more about Top Hat