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TA/GA Access to Panopto:

To obtain access go to the link below and underneath where it says “Log into Panopto” (the big blue link) you click the link that says Contact support. That takes you take a page where you can log in and make the request. CIT then gets the ticket and gives access.

Software for Students

My Virtual Public Site for UB licensed software downloads 

Adobe Creative Cloud

To remotely access Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop (also available on iMacs in UB's public computing sites), students can currently download Creative Cloud directly from Adobe by logging into with their UB email address (select "Company or school account," if prompted).

This offer is currently available from Adobe for 90 days. Students should save their work from Creative Cloud apps in UBbox, as    opposed to Creative Cloud storage, to ensure that they can access their files in the future.

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