Digital Estate Planning

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What happens to your digital presence?

Dr. Catherine J. Ullman

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Presented on
Feb. 19, 2020
Noon-1 p.m. EST

Many people understand the importace of planning for the inevitable by taking the necessary steps to create a traditional estate plan, complete with a will and executor.  However, in this age of ever changing technology, digital assets such as bank accounts, social media accounts, emails, texts and other online accounts are often forgotten. What happens if many of the records documentating an estate are partially or even entirely digitized and inaccessible with the proper credentials? Learn the issues surrounding estate planning for your (or your loved one's) digital presence.

About Dr. Catherine J. Ullman
Dr. Catherine J. Ullman, PhD '12, MA '10, is a security researcher, speaker, and Senior Information Security Analyst at University at Buffalo with over 20 years of highly technical experience. In her current role, Cathy is a data forensics and incident response (DFIR) specialist, performing incident management, intrusion detection, investigative services, and personnel case resolution in a dynamic academic environment. She additionally builds security awareness amongst faculty and staff via a comprehensive department-wide program which educates and informs users about how to prevent and detect social engineering threats, and how to compute and digitally communicate safely. Cathy has presented at numerous prestigious information security conferences including DEF CON and Hacker Halted.