Are You REALLY Ready to Apply for That Job?

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Here's what you need to be prepared.

Claire Petrie

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Originally presented on
Nov. 6, 2019

As a recruiter and HR Professional for over seven years, Claire Petrie, BS '14, has learned a lot through her own job searches as well as helping others navigate their searches.

During this webinar, Claire will share what you should have prepared and organized before you start your search. Specificlaly, she'll walk through how to:

  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile and resume are sendworthy
  • Keep all the places you’ve applied to (and the accompanying contacts) organized
  • Send those intro emails and LinkedIn connection requests
  • Talk about salary, benefits, sponsorship needs and potential start date 
  • When to give notice

Tune in to learn what you should prepare before you start applying to cut down on stress, boost your confidence and keep your job search process moving!

About Claire Petrie  
Claire Petrie is the senior manager of global talent acquisition operations at Unifrax. She has built many years of successively diverse HR management experience with privately owned and publicly traded global leaders that provide hospitality and food service management, medical devices development and non-dairy frozen food production.

Claire holds a bachelor's degree in business administration with a concentration in HR from the University at Buffalo and a master's degree in business adminstration from Niagara University. She is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) through the Human Resources Certification Institute and a SHRM Certified Professional.

When she's not at work she is volunteering on the board of directors for her local SHRM chapter, Niagara Human Resources Association (BNHRA), facilitating professional development events at both of her alma maters and participating on the Disrupt HR Buffalo event planning committee.