A Researcher Without a Library

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Accessing Scholarly Research Articles When You're No Longer a Student

Erin Rowley

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Noon-1 p.m. EST

Do you find that you are in need of scholarly research or scientific articles even after you have left UB? Do you find you're often hitting a paywall to access this information? It can be frustrating to lose access to library research databases after you have left UB, but there are ways to find freely available scholarly information -free and legal browser plug-ins! This webinar will go over some of the web browser plug-ins that are available, how to use them, and which ones may work for you. In addition, library access information for UB alumni will also be covered.

About Erin Rowley
Erin Rowley, MLS '09, is the Head of Science and Engineering Library Services at the University at Buffalo and serves as the Engineering Librarian. Before coming to UB, Erin was the head of a research team at a consumer products testing laboratory specializing in international standards and regulatory research. At UB she assists faculty, students, and staff with library resource instruction and engineering-related research including standards, technical reports, and patents.  Erin holds a Master of Library Science from the University at Buffalo and B.A. degree in Communication from SUNY Geneseo.