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  • Bellini Studios of Photography
    Buffalo, NY's most trusted photography team! Specializing in professional headshots and corporate events.
  • OpenScope Studio Inc.
    OpenScope Studio is a California-based architectural practice specializing in smart solutions to complex design problems.
  • M20 Winery
    M20 Winery, a small family winery, was established in 2018 in the Aigialeia region of the North Peloponnese. It specializes in producing fine wines from local and other grape varieties that thrive in the region.
  • Big Ditch Brewing Company
    Big Ditch Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery located in downtown Buffalo, NY. We are dedicated to providing quality, delicious, innovative and drinkable craft beers to Western New York and beyond.
  • Chiavetta's BBQ
    Chiavetta's has been serving Buffalo's favorite flavor of BBQ since 1954! Our mission is to bring people together through a shared food experience, service the community and honor our traditions.
  • Claire is Coaching
    Claire helps business professionals (career professionals, small business owners or those in a job search) optimize their online presence and position themselves to reach their goals and attract opportunities to themselves.
  • Insight Into Injury
    Physical Therapy services including in-person and virtual evaluations/treatments, online videos, and webinars or in person presentations.
  • McCabe Enterprises Mechanical Contractor
    Delivering custom mechanical services for Agricultural & Industrial Fluid Management across NYS, we provide tailored solutions for all your project needs.
  • Espoir Youth Programs Incorporated
    The ESPOIR’s programs seek to address social issues impacting families and to prevent youth involvement in at-risk behaviors. Youth are assisted in developing the fundamentals of good character during their involvement with the agency. ESPOIR connects families to resources in the community while providing education on navigating systems to maintain full autonomy over personal life issues.
  • Barkera
    Barkera™ is the platform that bridges the gaps in the fractured pet industry, breaking down silos between pet owners, veterinarians, rescues, shelters, breeders, and trainers who currently operate independently of each other. Uniting Pet Industry Experts together.
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