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About Aille Design LLC

Aille Design (pronounced: eye) is an emerging designer brand that works alongside the blind and visually impaired community to create clothing with a fashion statement you can feel. Our designs, which are created through a co-design process, feature intricate beadwork in the form of braille to communicate clothing characteristics, such as a garment’s color, fit, textile, and wash instructions. All of the braille beadwork is fully legible, customizable, and applied by hand using premium crystal pearls. Products are made sustainably in North America and 5% of profits are donated to Visually Impaired Advancement (VIA), who we are honored to have a long-term partnership with. Our designs can be used for the functionality of the legible braille, can be dressed up as a unique fashion piece, or can be worn to initiate conversation about disability, braille, and the importance of accessibility. 

Owner, Jacob Walsh (MBA '20)


298 Northampton Street
Suite 120
Buffalo, NY 14208

Phone: (716) 201-0302