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Date Established: 12/7/2021
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Administration and Governance
Responsible Office:
Campus Planning Office

Responsible Executive:
Vice President for Finance and Administration

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Space Management Policy


The university seeks to optimize our physical space inventory to promote responsible use of State assets and equity across our campus community.

Policy Statement

University at Buffalo (UB, university) space is a valuable, shared, and limited resource that supports the academic, research, and public service missions of the university. Effective space management identifies facilities that meet the needs of faculty and students, supports critical research that maintains the university’s reputation for excellence, and provides a work environment that allows faculty and staff to be successful.

Space is assigned to obtain the full value of our facilities. Space assignment is dynamic and temporary, as the optimum use of space may change as needs and priorities change. The university has the authority to allocate space to specific users for certain periods of time, review allocations periodically, assess utilization, and reallocate space as needed to support the university’s goals and objectives.

Campus space management, including the reallocation and reassignment of space, is guided by the following:

  • Core campus space is used for programs and activities directly related to education and research, including activities that enhance the student experience
  • Space needs are managed by unit and space type in a transparent, data-driven, and equitable manner
  • Safety and accessibility are of paramount importance
  • Equity and inclusion are core values
  • We are responsible stewards of our environment


The university operates in a dynamic environment. To be successful, the university must use its resources to create and adapt to change. Space is a finite and limited resource and decisions regarding space must be made so that it is used effectively and efficiently. The assignment and reallocation of space must be thoughtful to achieve optimal utilization while responding to current and emerging needs.


The policy is applicable to all faculty, staff, student, and space types at the university.


Space Utilization Standards

Approved space allowances based on best-practice utilization rates established per space type.


President or Designee

  • Provide final decision authority for the planning, allocation, assignment, and reassignment of all space.

Capital Planning Committee

  • Approve space utilization standards.
  • Determine equitable and optimum use of all university space resources.
  • Analyze and determine appropriate space assignments.
  • Plan for future space projects.

Space Policy Committee

  • Develop and modify space utilization standards.

Campus Planning Office

  • Implement space utilization standards.

Deans, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts (or delegate Facilities Planning Management Officers)

  • Serve as stewards of university assets.
  • Work with the Campus Planning Office to ensure that space standards are applied equitably throughout their portfolios.

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