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Common medications prescribed to treat heartburn, acid reflux and ulcers are linked to increased risks for kidney failure and chronic kidney disease, found a recent University at Buffalo study.


Introducing sugary beverages to soothe distress may contribute to childhood obesity onset.


African refugee women experience healthier pregnancies than women born in the United States, despite receiving less prenatal care, found a recent University at Buffalo study.


12 teams of students are one step closer to the $52,000 in startup funding and business services that will go to the group that presents the best plan for a viable new business in Western New York.


Faculty Experts


Nallan Suresh

UB Distinguished Professor and Chair of Operations Management and Strategy

Expertise: global supply networks; supply chain disruptions; U.S. manufacturing, especially auto and steel industries; global manufacturing; U.S.-China-India trade; logistics; infrastructure; economic development

Contact: Nallan Suresh can be reached most quickly through Jackie Ghosen in the School of Management Communications Office at 716-645-2833 or


John A. Sellick Jr.

Professor of Medicine

Expertise: infectious disease, outbreaks and pandemics, vaccinations, bioterrorism planning, flu, Ebola

Phone: 716-862-8758



UB in the News


Psychology Today talked to Michael Poulin about how high stress usually predicts a shorter life. Poulin's research shows that this was not the case for those who engaged in volunteering.


Bustle talks to James Gardner over whether politicians can run for president and another political office at the same time.


An article on Science Daily reports on new research co-authored by Z. Jack Tseng, that examines the oddly shaped skull of an extinct weasel called Leptarctus primus. 


MSN interviewed Lucinda Finley about an Idaho couple that is suing Planned Parenthood for the cost of raising their child after a medication abortion was unsuccessful.

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