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To treat Candida albicans, a common yeast that can cause illness in those with weakened immune systems, University at Buffalo researchers limited the fungus’ access to iron, an element crucial to the organism’s survival.


Marijuana use episodes among couples who frequently use the drug increase the likelihood of experiencing intimacy events, according to the results of a University at Buffalo-led study.


Since Folks joined UB in 2012, the school has added 75 faculty, 2,700 students, two new departments and diversity and inclusiveness programs.


Stuart Evans researches how airborne sediments can impact climate, influencing patterns of precipitation and drought.


Faculty Experts


John M. Violanti

Research Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Expertise: police stress, health and suicide, PTSD

Phone: 716-829-5481



Cristian Tiu

Associate Professor of Finance

Expertise: stock market, hedge funds, government bailouts, Ponzi schemes, risk management and asset allocation, institutional investors

Contact: Cristian Tiu can be reached most quickly through Jackie Ghosen in the School of Management Communications Office at 716-645-2833 or


UB in the News


An article in The Christian Science Monitor about abortion and how terminology and selective bits of context can easily push people from one position to another interviewed Gretchen Ely about these misperceptions. 



An article in The New York Times highlights the research by Robert Adelman, that unauthorized immigration has no effect on violent crime and is associate with lower property crime. 



A Reuters article about a landmark decree issued by Pope Francis that makes bishops directly accountable for sexual abuse or covering it up interviews Christine P. Bartholomew, who studies clergy privilege.  


An Associated Press article about more than 200 women hockey players who have pledged to not play in North America this year until there is a single, economically viable professional league interviews Nellie Drew about what leverage the players possess. 

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