Frequently Asked Questions about Lactation Space

Four babies sitting on the floor.

Where are the lactation rooms on campus?

Currently, UB has dedicated lactation rooms in the following locations:

  • Baldy 565
  • Capen 59
  • Capen 354
  • Capen 565A
  • Cooke 128
  • Diefendorf 138
  • Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (JSMBS) 6142
  • Natural Sciences Complex (NSC) 803
  • Student Union (SU) 325
  • Wende 315

Why isn't there a lactation room in every building?

UB has identified several rooms for dedicated lactation use, but finding sufficient appropriate space on a permanently-assigned basis can be a challenge.  We are continuing to expand the number of dedicated spaces available, and this will be an ongoing goal.  In the meantime, we will contact departments to find appropriate temporary space for any employee, student or guest who requires it.  

What if the lactation rooms aren't close to my work location or classrooms?

We can assist you in finding appropriate temporary space by contacting departments on your behalf.  Employees can obtain assistance by contacting the Office of Wellness and Work/Life Balance.

Students and UB visitors can contact EDI.

Can students use the rooms, or are they only for employees?

Any member of the UB community can use the lactation rooms, and can contact EDI for assistance with locating appropriate space.

My supervisor won't give me time to pump during the day. What should I do?

Employees have the right to reasonable breaks to express breast milk as well as a private, convenient and secure place to do so.  The New York State Department of Labor outlines these rights in its guidance, Rights of Nursing Mothers.  These rights apply regardless of gender identity.  This right is guaranteed under federal and state law, and supervisors cannot deny employees reasonable breaks to pump.  Please contact EDI to discuss the situation and some options for addressing the matter.

Sometimes I am late to class because I need to pump between classes. What should I do?

If you feel comfortable talking with your professor, it is a good idea to be upfront about the situation and explain what is going on.  It is better for your instructor to know about the situation in advance.  If you don't feel comfortable speaking with your instructor directly, EDI can assist in contacting your instructor to explain the situation.

Title IX is a law that requires schools to provide equal educational opportunities to students, regardless of sex/gender.  Title IX may require breastfeeding accommodations when these are necessary to ensure students can participate in their academic programs.  EDI can work with you and your instructor to ensure breastfeeding accommodations that do not interfere with essential academic requirements.

Is UB planning to offer additional lactation rooms in the future?

Yes!  We are always looking to add additional spaces.  If your area has a space that is designated for lactation purposes and is not on the list, please contact us.