Obtaining Accommodations

Students walking and traveling by wheelchair on the North Campus.

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) can help if you require an accommodation because of a disability, your religion, pregnancy or breastfeeding status.

UB’s Reasonable Accommodation Policy provides a procedure for requesting accommodations for a disability or medical condition. 
UB’s Religious Accommodation and Expression Policy supports your right to classroom and workplace accommodations based on religion.  It also upholds UB’s commitment to the free expression of religion on campus.
Supporting our students and employees includes supporting family-friendly policies and practices.  If you are a new parent or if you will be soon, here is information that will help.

To Report Discrimination

You have the option of filing a report of discrimination with EDI if you believe you have been denied an accommodation, or that you have been otherwise discriminated against due to your disability, religion, or pregnancy/parenting status.  Your report will be investigated under UB's Discrimination and Harassment Policy.  

You also can contact an external agency to pursue a complaint.