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A new paper by Gino Biondini and colleagues at the University of Colorado Boulder brings us closer to finding an answer. The research, published in August in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A, lays out a set of newly formulated equations that are designed to characterize what happens when an undular bore occurs and spreads along two axes. Visually, this phenomenon resembles the concentric ripples that proliferate outward when you toss a stone into a pond. Read more.


UB Math welcomes Alexandru Chirvasitu to our faculty in Fall 2017. His work includes: representation theory with a quantum group flavour; non-commutative geometry and some functional analysis and operator algebras; category theory; and some algebraic geometry, mostly foundational issues, such as scheme/stack reconstruction from category-theoretic data. Chirvasitu is co-author of Exotic Elliptic Algebras of dimension 4 (with S. Paul Smith) forthcoming in Advances in Mathematics. We look forward to watching his impressive publication repository continue to grow as a member of our faculty.


UB Math welcomes Dane Taylor to our faculty in Fall 2017. His work, at the intersection of high-dimensional data analysis (HDDA)nonlinear and complex systems, and network science, uses analyses of functional and structural networks, time series, images, videos, etc., to study complex systems arising in biology, physics, and engineering. Aiming to develop new tools for HDDA, Taylor's research incorporates methodologies from nonlinear dynamics, linear algebra, spectral graph theory, computational topology, statistics, statistical physics and machine learning. We expect Taylor will make full use of abundant resources available at UB and within our department.

Hanfeng Li has co-authored a new book with David Kerr, entitled, Ergodic Theory: Independence and Dichotomies. The book provides an introduction to the ergodic theory and topological dynamics of actions of countable groups.
Stephen Cavior is the longest serving professor in the history of our department, giving 50 years to UB Math before his 2013 retirement.
Work by UB mathematician Gino Biondini, builds on centuries of research devoted to using math to describe the physical world. See UB REPORTER Research News.

Mathematician Bill Menasco studies knot theory, a field that is esoteric to many but could have applications in surprising areas.

Hanfeng Li has received the UB Exceptional Scholar Sustained Achievement Award for outstanding research over the past several years. His publication "Soficity, amenability, and dynamical entropy" is forthcoming.
Sarah Muldoon joins us in August 2015, coming from the bioengineering department at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research involves novel techniques and measures to investigate and quantify the role of network organization in brain function.
Li Wang joins us in January 2016, coming from the mathematics department at the University of California Los Angeles. Wang recently published An asymptotic-preserving scheme for the semiconductor Boltzmann equation toward the energy-transport limit.