Add an Additional Approver (Ad-Hoc)

In ShopBlue, the initial Approver of an eReq will have the ability to enter an additional Approver known as an Ad-Hoc Approver. Doing so will add a step in the requisition workflow.


How to Add an Additional Approver (Ad-Hoc)

1. Navigate to the Additional Approver Section

When approving a requisition, in the "Summary" tab, navigate to the "Additional Approver" section (Figure 1).

2. Select an Additional Approver

In the Additional Approver section, next to Ad-Hoc Approver, click "Select." (Figure 1).

figure 1 of screenshot of select an additional approver.

Figure 1

3. Enter the Additional Approver's Name

In the Ad-Hoc Approver screen, begin entering the name of the desired approver in the Ad-Hoc Approver field. Select the desired approver’s name.  You may select the magnifying glass icon for additional search options. Any campus user with the ability to approve is available to be an Ad-Hoc Approver (Figure 2).

Figure 2 of enter approver's name.

Figure 2

4. Add a Comment

If desired, add a note in the “Comments” field to send a message to the Ad-Hoc Approver (Figure 3).

5. Select Update

After the Ad-Hoc Approver screen is complete, select “Update” (Figure 3).

Figure 3 of add a comment and select update.

Figure 3

6. Review the Additional Approver and Workflow

The additional approver has now been added. Notice that the Ad-Hoc Approver has been added in the Additional Approver section and an Ad-Hoc Approver step has been added to the workflow (Figure 4).

7. Approve the Requisition

If no other changes need to be made, Approve the requisition.  The requisition will then be routed to the Ad-Hoc Approver for their review and approval (Figure 4).

Figure 4 of additional approver, workflow and approval.

Figure 4