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Tanzania front desk.

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Learn about online appointments

All consultants in the Digital Composition Lab (DCL) are available for online appointments. To make an online appointment, select "DCL Capen 128" from the location dropdown menu (or the dropdown next to the date on the WCOnline page). When making an appointment, you will see an "online appointment" option on the appointment form. Select the "Yes - Meet Online" option to create the online meeting.

Both you and the consultant open the appointment a few minutes before it is time to meet. At the time of your meeting, click on the red "Start or join online consultation" link in the appointment window to open the online meeting.

You can upload a paper into the document-sharing area either prior to or during the online meeting. Both you and the consultant can chat and comment on the text in the document-sharing area. You can both choose to share "real time chat updates" with each other—you will each see each other’s text as you type. You can also activate audio/video settings so that you can see and hear each other as you discuss the paper.

After your online meeting, you can reenter the online session to "play back" from the beginning of the session to see text as it was entered through the session.