Spring 2022

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Spring 2022

We are offering both in-person and online appointments for Spring 2022.

Main Center (In-person appointments): Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm

Online Appointments: Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm; Sunday Noon - 8pm

The Writing Lab (Capen 128) no appointment necessary:  Mondays 10 - 5, Tuesdays 12-3, Wednesdays 12 - 5, Thursdays 11-5, Fridays 11-5pm.     

Each writer may schedule up to 3 appointments per calendar week during the Spring session.  

Questions? Email writing@buffalo.edu.  (Please note this email is monitored during business hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm). 

Scheduling instructions

Our WCOnline schedule requires a quick registration.  White rectangles indicate an open appointment. Should you have any problem, please email writing@buffalo.edu.

Once logged in, select a time or consultant fitting your needs and click on the open spot on the schedule. The location of the appointment is indicated to the right of the consultant's name.  (In person, 17 Norton or Online). 

For online appointments,  simply log into the schedule, click into the appointment at the scheduled time and click the green link "start or join consultation". You can enable audio/video chat. There is also text chat. Cut and paste your document into the shared screen. If you make changes to the document during the consultation be sure to cut and paste the document back into your word processing program.

If you're feeling sick

We will switch your appointment to online. Just notify us through email (writing@buffalo.edu) or phone (716-645-5139) and we will take care of the rest!

 Avoiding "no shows"

If you do not cancel your appointment at least one hour in advance you will be marked as a "no show."  Three no-show appointments will result in your ability to make appointments being disabled.  Help us maximize our resources by eliminating "no shows" this semester!  (To cancel an appointment, simply log into the schedule, click on your appointment and hit "cancel."  (You will be unable to cancel when there is less than an hour before your appointment, resulting in a "missed appointment" in our system). Email writing@buffalo.edu with questions.  

Technological Problems

With remote appointments, technological disruptions can be expected on occasion.  The problem could lie with the connection on either the writer or consultant's end, or it could be a momentary disruption with the WCOnline scheduling platform server.  If you experience a disruption, try to leave and re-enter the appointment.  You and your consultant can make an arrangement to meet via Zoom or another platform. If the problem persists, email writing@buffalo.edu and we will try to get you rescheduled promptly.  

The online function is really neat! It allows me to utilize this service while I am abroad.