International Students

We admire students who are doing university level work in a language outside of their native language. Collaborating with students from all over the world and from diverse language traditions is one of the most enjoyable aspects of our work at the CEW.   

Individual Consultations

Students may take advantage of our individual consultation service as needed, up to three visits per week. Ongoing appointments attend to your particular writing needs as well as help you to accelerate your proficiency in written English. Sitting down and talking with a consultant is also good for your English speaking skills!  We can help you with the following and more.  

  • Understanding the nature of your assignment.
  • Creating a plan for tackling the assignment.
  • Brainstorming appropriate material.
  • Help you to find and integrate source materials and avoid plagiarism.  
  • Checking your draft to make sure your ideas are clearly conveyed. 
  • Helping you to improve your sentence mechanics (grammar or syntax).
  • Talking over the meaning of words and helping you find new words to convey your meaning.
  • Providing you with useful phrases and sentence constructions for academic writing.  

Feel free to ask our consultants anything about academic life!  We are here to support you.  

Great news! English Conversation is back!

Drop in to work on your everyday English conversation skills with a friendly CEW consultant!  Held in The Writing Lab, Tuesdays 11am - 1pm & 12pm - 2pm on Thursdays. 

Writing Resources

The CEW provides many helpful resources for writers. Check out our Resources page for more.

The links below provide writng help specifically for students for students who are non-Native English speakers (NNES).

Working with CEW consultants helped me to express my thinking in English more fluently and effectively.

It was a positive experience working with Jack for the whole semester. His comments and suggestions have contributed to my learning process. 

My consultant put in the effort to understand what I was trying to say and why I said it the way that I did.

Although my consultant was not a Psychology major, she was able to assist me with strengthening my paper synthesis.

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