Undergraduate Students

Whatever your major or assignment, the Center for Excellence in Writing is here for you!

Here's where we stand on writing:

1. Every disicpline, field, workplace and community uses writing as a tool to achieve it purposes.

2. If you find writing projects to be among some of the most stressful experiences at the university, you are not alone!  There are so many choices, dilemmas and uncertainties in the writing process and each context changes up the game a bit.

3. "Talking it out" in a low-stress environment is one of the most effective ways to keep your writing process moving.  

4.  Writers develop by actively participating in the writing process and the communities in which writing serves as a tool.

5.  Students who get involved in the CEW community are participating more and developing more!  Join these hardworking, ambitious students by integrating writing consultations into your writing process!  

Hot tip:  Have your assignment sheet at the ready.   

My consultant was really enthusiastic about reading my paper and made me feel confident about my writing.

I felt like I was ready to keep working after my meeting, and felt uplifted rather than discouraged!

We don't just do class essays!

We can also help you things like scholarship applications, personal statements, job letters and other really important pieces of writing.

Spring 2021

Tanzania at the front desk.

Walk in or make an appointment

Center for Excellence in Writing, 209 Baldy Hall, North Campus

Summer 2021

We are pleased to offer interactive, remote writing consultations Monday - Friday during the summer sessions, beginning June 1st.  You can make an appointment now.   

Questions? Email writing@buffalo.edu.