About the CEW

The Center for Excellence in Writing supports UB Writers, primarily through one-to-one consultation services.  Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff are invited to meet with one of our consultants to discuss their writing process, work out particular dilemmas in their projects, or receive thoughtful feedback on their drafts.  THE CEW also promotes writing development and project completion through special projects and events.  

The CEW's main center is located in 209 Baldy and is a space for meeting individually with writers.  

The CEW also has a Digital Composition Lab (DCL) in Capen 128.  This is a digitally enhanced extension of the Main CEW.  Here students can meet with our more technologically savvy and have access to technolgies such as the Adobe suite of products for projects that entail multi-media elements.  Online consultations are also available through the DCL as well as topical workshops of value to campus writers.  

CEW consultants also meet with writers in the evening hours in the residence halls and do a certain amount of outreach to classrooms and other units.