Writing Support Services

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Our goal is to support writers in a diversity of ways and to accommodate individual circumstances.  Should you have any questions or unique needs, please email writing@buffalo.edu or call 645-5139 during business hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm). 

Writing Support

During regular academic semesters, we provide individualized Wwriting in three modes:  in person appointments, in person walk-in sessions, and online appointments.

In person appointments take place in our Main Center, 17 Norton.  Make an appointment through our website ("Make An Appointment, upper right). These 45 minute appointments begin at the top of each hour.  When scheduling, be sure to check whether the consultant is "in person" by looking to the right of their name on the schedule.  

Online appointments:  Online appointments can also be scheduled through our website ("Make an Appointment, Upper right).  These 45 minute appointments begin at the top of each hour.  Click into your appointment on the schedule at the appointed time.  Click "start or join consultation.  You will then meet with  your consultant via video/audio and can share your document on the whiteboard. Click here for more information about online appointments.  Note, evening and weekend appointments are online.  

Walk-in Lab:  This service is offered in 128 Capen, inside the TASS Center. No appointment necessary, first come, first served.     

In Winter Session, our service is exclusively online.  In Summer sessions we have a mix of in person appointments in 17 Norton and online appointments.