Our appointment policies help us to see as many writers as possible. They help us to be fair and to keep our traffic running smoothly.  We thank you for your cooperation!  Though our appointments are scheduled on the hour, expect the standard consultation to last approximately 45 minutes.  This gives our consultants the ability to complete their client notes and prepare for their next consultation.


Like writing centers across the nation, the CEW's mission is to contribute to writer development. Our training and expertise lies in our ability to help others to understand the writing process in more empowering ways and to grow in confidence, skill and effectiveness. Editing is one small part of the writing process. However, we are not a paper fixing or editing service.  Therefore, we have a “no editing” policy, which means that we will not go through your piece line-by-line to find and fix errors.  However, we can offer tips and strategies for improving your editing process.


If you are seeking an editor or proofreader, you do not need a writing center expert.  It may be that exchanging papers with a friend is a good practice.  For graduate students with large, high stakes projects, we do maintain a list of editing services that are either paid for by your graduate student fee or that can be acquired on a freelance basis.

Late Policy

During busy times when we have walk-ins waiting, if a writer is more than 10 minutes late, the appointment will be given to a walk-in client. The writer can be seen as a walk-in by the next available consultant.

Maximum Visit Policy

Each writer may schedule up to three appointments per week. An additional visit may be allowed on a walk-in basis, space allowing. During busier times of the semester, a three visit limit may need to be enforced in order to accommodate all writers.

Excessive Cancellation Policy

Because there are many writers vying for available appointment times, making and then cancelling more than five appointments in the space of a semester will result in the ability to make appointments being disabled, and the writer will have to walk-in to see a consultant. After establishing a track record of use, scheduling privileges can be reinstated by our administrator.    

Missed Appointment Policy

If three appointments are missed without cancelling in advance, the writer's ability to make appointments will be disabled, and s/he will have to walk in to see a consultant. After a track record of use has been established, scheduling privileges can be reinstated by our administrator.

Moving Appointments

If an undergraduate student has made an appointment with a graduate level consultant, we may move that writer to an undergraduate consultant so that graduate consultants are available for graduate writers or advanced undergraduates working on high stakes projects such as graduate school application materials. 

Regarding these policies, please discuss any special circumstances with an administrator. Our intent is to see as many UB writers as we can and to ensure quality consultations.