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Rhonda Reid



Rhonda Reid holds a doctoral degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and the Science of Learning with an emphasis upon writing instruction in higher education. Her dissertation, "Negotiating Unfamiliar Genres:  A Writing Center Study" examines the writing center conference as a vantage point into student experience with writing curriculum, particularly the development of genre awareness.  She provides strategic leadership for the Center, teaches Writing Center Theory and Practice, and designs professional development workshops for writing consultants and faculty. Prior to directing the Center, Rhonda taught college writing and literature for more than 25 years. Outside of work hours she can be found walking her white german shepherd.  

Contact: (716) 645-5139 or rhondare@buffalo.edu


Odette Reid

Odette Reid.

Associate Director

Odette Reid has a PhD in Curriculum, Instruction, and the Science of Learning. Her research focused on teaching writing using an antiracist pedagogy, via new literacies theories and the ideological model of literacy. Her passion for equity and inclusivity in education realizes itself in an anti-racist lens through which her pedagogy and literacy theories are shaped. Odette has taught writing instruction for over ten years at various colleges. She likes to help students identify their writing process and recognize how writing can empower them inside and outside of academia. She provides positive and informed leadership over the day-to-day management of CEW operations.  Odette likes to exercise, read, write, volunteer in the community, and advocate for social justice. She loves superheroes like Black Panther and Wonder Woman, but questions whether or not Batman is a real hero. As a Jamaican Canadian, she loves spicy food, poutine, and fall colors, but would prefer a hot summer day in July over a cold snowy day in January. 

Contact:  (716) 645-5139 or odettere@buffalo.edu


Yueqiu "QQ" Zhang


Graduate Assistant

Yueqiu, who also goes by QQ, was born and raised in China. She is getting her doctoral degree in Education, with a research interest in the second language writer’s engagement with on-script feedback. She’s also working on research projects to enhance inclusion in higher-ed for international students. QQ has organized or been involved in programs and activities to advocate for international students and to enhance the quality of their experience at UB.  She craves road trips, and there are three must-go sites on her travel checklist: a museum, National State Parks, and an outdoor market. 

Photo of Mahzabin, front desk reception.

Mahzabin A.          Reception     

Mahzabin is an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Science department. She was born and raised in Bangladesh. She enjoys traveling and watching Indian movies. Her interest includes anything in medical and health science. She likes experiencing different programs and clubs that relate to medical and health science.  

Picture of Ndeye, reception staff.

Ndeye F.            Reception

Ndeye is an undergraduate in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. She loves to use her math and engineering skills to solve life problems. She likes meeting new people and she is happy to work in the Writing Center. Outside school she likes fashion and enjoys cooking.

Photo of reception staff Jiahui.

Jiahui C.                         Reception 

Jiahui is an undergraduate student in Business Administration and was born and raised in China. She likes to watch anime and play mobile games, and also enjoys spending time with friends. What brings the greatest satisfaction to her is being able to take her family on a freelance tour.